Had time out after PGCE now feel lost, help!

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Had time out after PGCE now feel lost, help!

Postby ahyeyeye on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:02 am


I'm new to this forum today and was hoping for some feedback, whether it be opinions, recommendations, warnings (!) or whatever you feel is relevant.

In brief, I did a PGCE course in secondary maths teaching in 2006/2007 comprising of 2 challenging schools; my final placement was the more challenging and it was there I'm sorry to say that, at the time, I began to lose heart and began to doubt myself. "Is this for me? Am I good enough?" Probably very common feelings though in hindsight.

I felt that I had been soured from teaching for good and then spent time in Australia, before coming back to delve into a sales career which wasn't for me. I now working in a call centre of all places, and now more than ever the idea of teaching is recurring in my head for a number of reasons: a) I realise the grass isn't always greener when it comes to jobs/careers, b) I feel I'm now legitimately older,wiser, and better cut out for serious damn hard work (cliched as that may sound), c) I did genuinely appreciate the positives, and there WERE positives from my experience, particularly in my first placement. and d) I hate the notion that I've possibly "given up" on a potentially very rewarding career.

My dilemma now though is that the 2 1/2 years since graduating from my PGCE course the teaching feels like a lifetime ago and I'm not exactly sure what to tackle first to break the ice. Currently I'm thinking of supply teaching to refresh my experience bank, get my mojo back as it were, whilst reading literature on classroom management, THEN applying to full-time positions once I have the confidence and experience back and some recent teaching experience to add to that CV of mine.

I'm just throwing this out here - do any of you guys have any other feelings on this, or advice?

I have a few things floating around my head simultaneously, primarily the fear I may again think "why did I think I was cut out for this?" The bottom line is that I do believe I have potential and I feel I need to know for myself if I can "cut it", and I'm after some direction/reassurance/advice to minimise the chance of me walking naively and blindly back into a now semi-foreign environment.

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Had time out after PGCE now feel lost, help!



Re: Had time out after PGCE now feel lost, help!

Postby Poskkdet on Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:25 am

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