Help with mental health query.

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Help with mental health query.

Postby SJ2293 on Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:16 pm

hi, I have a general query that I would appreciate any advice upon!!

I didn’t want to ask this directly to the union representative because I feel it may put him in an awkward position but I feel like if I don’t ask then I personally will suffer mentally as a result.

In short, I took up a new post as a second in department in September and after 4 weeks in the role I was told that I was being placed on an informal support plan. From there I was hounded for the next 6-8 weeks by the SLT, it resulted in me applying for and obtaining a new job before they opened formal capability. As a result of my new post the capability procedures were withdrawn.

However I don’t start this new post until April and my life is currently a misery, there is other members of staff in my department off on long term sick so not only am I currently being asked to provide my planning a week in advance I am also being asked to plan cover for the absent member of staff and set homework for this staff member a week in advance also.

At the last assessment point I was also asked to mark papers for the absent member of staffs classes and with another point fast approaching I fear this will be asked again. This is just one of many issues I’ve faced another being my pay progression being rejected from the previous year despite a letter and evidence from the head of my old school outlining that I had met last years targets!

All in all my mental health is really struggling with the demands of this post and as a result my question is.... if I was to go onto long term sick with stress until April as advised by my doctor, could my current school affect my new position that I am due to start in April? I.e could they make a call and essentially make them withdraw my offer? Because I am yet to receive a contract from the new school but I do have a letter congratulating me on obtaining the post.

I woild appreciate any and all advice or guidance in relation to my current situation, both positive and negative responses would be appreciated greatly as I just feel very lost right now.
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Help with mental health query.



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