Teacher Training interview help

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Teacher Training interview help

Postby O555 on Sat May 09, 2020 3:58 pm


I have an interview next week and I have been told to create a reading lesson plan. Due to the current climate, I will not need to deliver this to a class. The lesson plan needs to cover 20 mins and delivered to 10 pupils on a text.

I am using the text “Bog Baby” and using the ‘VIPERS’ and Pie Corbett technique for a Year 1 class.

This is what I have so far:

My aim is to understand/use vocabulary in a text
Focus and understand the vocabulary “squelchy” by using examples, sentences and using Pie Corbett’s approach by demonstrating with an action.

1. Read the text to class

2. As it is only 20 minutes, I will only be using the ‘vocabulary’ part of VIPER technique. I will be asking questions (maximum 3) like “what words/vocabulary can you use to describe...in the book” or “what do you think the word squelchy means?”.

I would tell them the meaning and we will come up with an agreed answer as a class. I would say it verbally and get them to repeat it.

3. I was then thinking of asking the children to put their hands up and give examples with the word in a sentence of their choice.

4. Get them to act out/think of an action as a class for that word and verbally say the sentence as we do it.

Then give a homework/optional task outside of school - tell them to think if they can use this word outside of school or if they do any activity. Whichever child comes up with a sentence, I will get them to write it on a post-it note and put it up on our “vocabulary tree” for the start of the next lesson.

I don’t know if is a valid reading lesson plan and If that’s fine as a plan for a 20 minute lessons.

They said they would ask the following questions at the interview:

Why I selected the text - not sure what to say, but could say because it’s got vocabulary that is right for their age and easy to comprehend the story and can use VIPERS well with this text?

Why I choose to deliver it/use the text - I could say I used this text alongside VIPERS to get children to to think of vocabularies and PiE Corbett to use practical ways of them understanding the vocabulary? So lesson has a mix of techniques and made it more inclusive for children who may not learn through one method? and these methods will help to consolidate information well.

How you will you check understanding? - asking them to give examples using the vocabulary?
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Teacher Training interview help



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