im being bullied by colleague, please help!

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im being bullied by colleague, please help!

Postby frizzydizzy on Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:58 pm

Whilst off sick after an assault in work. One of my colleagues has been making false allegations against me. theft of her resources and its effecting her job.

i feel work are brushing it under the carpet because there are redundancy threats within my department and they dont want me causing trouble. But I'm not happy that iv been made out to be a liar, thief and somebody who loses school property by my line manager. I'm concerned this could be adding pressure to my recovery. I'm already concerns that my sickness leave could have an impact on my future career. i feel as if she is purposly causing me trouble to result in a constructive dismissal. She is aware I'm unwell and not in work and I'm being questioned by her about when will i be back. iv made it clear i don't want to argue with her and that I'm still very unwell. I'm concerned the situation could escalate because iv been questioned about the whereabouts of resources and been blamed for losing them. Should a colleague be allowed to do this? What can i do to safeguard myself because i feel I'm being bullied and lies are being told. I want to go back to work but i now feel my job is threatened by my colleague and I am now very anxious about returning. In fact I'm losing sleep over this.

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im being bullied by colleague, please help!



Re: im being bullied by colleague, please help!

Postby Nat_89 on Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:57 pm

I am very sorry to hear this and wish there was something I could do.
All I can say is try talking to someone senior about it. If there is anyone who can corroborate what you are saying this will help too.

All the best.
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