SEN Research at Durham University Please Help

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SEN Research at Durham University Please Help

Postby DavidJ93 on Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:06 pm

Help Needed

I am an MA student at Durham University, currently undertaking a research project into the impact of recent SEN policy changes in northern secondary schools in the last six years.

This project is specifically focused on northern secondary schools as they tend to underperform in league table results. SEN pupils also tend to achieve lower GCSE results in the north of England than the south of England.

This research takes into account that every SEN pupil is unique and therefore SEN differs depending on the individual pupil. For that reason, steps have been taken to avoid homogenising SEN pupils while capturing a broad picture of the effects of government changes on SEN pupils.

If you are a teacher or a TA in a northern secondary school I would be super appreciative if you could take the time to complete my questionnaire, by clicking on the web link at the bottom of this message

It should take between five to ten minutes to complete

Thank you for your time
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SEN Research at Durham University Please Help



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