Primary Teacher Training - HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP! URGENT!

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Primary Teacher Training - HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP! URGENT!

Postby ellie95 on Tue May 29, 2018 1:27 pm

Hi there, i'm new to this site!

I'm currently training to be a teacher (education studies degree).

For my End of Year Assignment i need to cover the following topics, however when i started the course i was told for my first year i didn't need to volunteer at a primary school, which was ideal as i work full time.
In September i start volunteering so from then on i will be fine for my assignments. However i've just read the assignment i need to write and i need to of observed a lesson amongst other factors.
It's currently half term and it's due by the end of the week so i can't observe a class. What i'm hoping is if a really kind hearted teacher or teaching assistant could possibly write down what happened in a recent class (Primary). Basically recall the whole lesson, what happened etc.
I know this is a massive ask and a massive favour but there's no other way i can think of writing this essay.
After the information is supplied i can fill it out and link it to my module material.

Obviously all names will be changed.

I would need the following information:
Description of the class including age, gender mix, any special educational needs and any other characteristics that may be relevant to the lesson.
Description of the adults participating, their roles and responsibilities in the lesson.
Description of the learning environment.

A description of the lesson including the subject, the intended learning outcomes, the key points of the lesson and a summary of what happened in the lesson. Any key aspects aswell.

What the children learnt about the subject itself and about other aspects of learning.
What the teacher learnt about the children and their learning and what was effective.

What would you do differently next time or more of and why?

What technology was used or what could be used to support children's learning?

As much detail as possible would be brilliant and multiple teachers perspectives would be amazing to add more depth.

I'm aware this is a massive task but please please please help me so i can get my assignment in and not fail my whole year because of this one assignment! Hahaa.

Please respond, and if you do thank you so much you have saved me!!

Kind Regards,

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Primary Teacher Training - HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP! URGENT!



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