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Australia overtaking UK for overseas students
Australia is overtaking the UK as the world's second biggest destination for international students.

Home alone: 'It made me feel that I was unloved'
As the long holidays start, children's charity NSPCC urges parents and carers not to leave young children home alone.

Fortnite: Schools 'could learn lessons from gaming'
Should teachers in Wales adopt some of the techniques from gaming to make lessons more engaging?

Colburn school exam results annulled after inquiry
Investigation said Key Stage 2 Sats writing assessments were impacted by "maladministration".

Foodbanks in Wales brace for hungry children over summer
School holidays will bring some families to crisis point, foodbank networks in Wales are warning.

Holiday childcare: 'I'm lucky - my sister has my child'
British parents pay an average of 133.34 a week for full-time holiday childcare for one child, a survey finds.

Schools alone cannot fix childhood obesity, says Ofsted boss
Factors beyond the school gate make it impossible for schools to affect pupils' weight, says report

Sensible, family-loving teens behind pregnancy rate drop
This may explain the sharp fall in teen pregnancies, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service says.

Children 'taking selfies' on rail tracks as trespassing doubles
The number of under-18s caught on the tracks rises from 86 to 173 in the space of three years.

Religious education 'vital for diversity'
Religious education needs to be taken more seriously in a diverse society, says Charles Clarke.

Mum of autistic boy slams school for 'abusive' voicemail
Leighanne Bromley was left "gobsmacked" by the expletive-laden message about autistic son Harley.

BAME characters should be 'more central' in children's books
Ethnic minority characters should feature in more books and not be defined by their "otherness".

Anti-knife violence lessons for holidays
Teenagers in England are taught not to get caught up in knife crime in the summer holidays.

Private tutors 'should face DBS criminal record checks'
The UK's biggest teaching union says disqualified teachers may still be able to work as tutors.

Concerns over Stormont minority ethnic fund money
There are calls for more transparency in how the Minority Ethnic Development Fund is allocated.

The primary school that abolished marking
A school in Peterborough has decided to give pupils verbal feedback instead of marking their books.

The vital role played by respite centres
A campaigner explains why respite centres are so important to families of disabled children.

Brothers spread positive message about Down's Syndrome
Brothers Alex and Nick are making a documentary about Down's Syndrome.

Aptamil investigating baby milk formula complaints
Mums say their babies have been sick after the recipe of a popular formula milk was changed.

Jenson Button takes brakes off engineering
A student racing car competition wants to tackle a global shortage of recruits into engineering.

K-pop drives boom in Korean language
The popularity of K-pop is driving a global boom in learning the Korean language.

Putting death on the school timetable
Doctors in Australia want the school curriculum to get young people talking about the ethical issues around death and dying.

'Don't say my name wrong at graduation'
Universities are turning to technology to try to make sure they don't mispronounce names at graduations.

Is Sara a 'refugee' or 'future surgeon'?
On World Refugee Day, one Syrian girl talks about doing homework in a tent and her future ambitions.

Where can UK students study for free?
UK undergraduate students do not pay any tuition fees in 10 EU countries and Norway.

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