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MPs question government's 'grip' on new school places
The system is 'increasingly incoherent and poor value for money', says a Commons committee.

Take time to find a job, students urged
Graduates should not get too stressed about finding work, says the outgoing Ucas boss.

Food bank network provides record level of support
A network of food banks says it has delivered record levels of emergency supplies.

Delhi University could add Facebook course to English degrees
English literature students at Delhi University may soon study how to write good Facebook posts.

Action urged on school holiday hunger
MPs and peers raise concerns up to three million children are "at risk" without school meal access.

Brexit university ?brain drain? warning
Academic staff from EU countries should be urgently guaranteed a right to stay, say MPs.

Northern Ireland schools face 'savage' cuts
Teachers criticise funding cuts planned if the Stormont parties do not reach a power-sharing deal.

UN warns of millions missing school in conflict zones
Warfare and conflict are preventing 25 million young people from getting any access to school, says Unicef.

Cash starved youth groups fear closure
A third of the sector is not confident it will make it past the current financial year, it is claimed.

Parents' mobile use harms family life, say secondary pupils
More than a third of pupils have felt the need to ask adults to put down their phones, suggests a poll.

General election 2017: Corbyn attacks Tories over 'super-sized' classes
The Tories hit back at the Labour leader, saying his comments are a "massive own goal".

EU students to remain eligible for grants in 2018-19
Students on courses ending after the UK leaves the EU will be able to receive loans for its entirety.

West Sussex school funding crisis 'negatively affecting' pupils
A Unison survey finds 56 schools out of about 330 are planning staff cuts in the next academic year.

Too busy to read? You're not the only one
Work, kids, checking your phone. But reading a book? It just doesn't happen as much as it used to.

Obesity campaigners call for more salads and fewer puddings in school
Obesity Action Scotland says that school meals offer a "unique opportunity" to tackle childhood obesity.

Most teenagers happy with life, study finds
But bullying and anxiety over exams remains a problem for many, an international study finds.

Primary schools: 14,000 children do not get first choice
Applications are down but pressure on places remains high, says the London admissions board.

Boy misses out on school place
A parent says the council should have "foreseen" the lack of places when it approved housing developments.

BBC Minute on student pressures
BBC Minute speaks to students across the globe about the stresses and strains of studying at university.

Why can't this boy go to school?
As teachers' union NASUWT warns children with special needs are being failed, Oscar's family share their story.

'Sats make children feel like failures'
The government is "test-obsessed", but Sats make children feel like failures, the NUT conference hears.

Cake smash trend for babies' birthdays
Some parents spend 800 on their child's first birthday.

Zimbabwe schools accept goats for tuition fees
Parents in Zimbabwe who cannot afford school fees can offer livestock such as goats or sheep as payment, a government minister has said.

'Touchscreen-toddlers' sleep less, researchers say
Should toddlers play with smartphones?

Parents make a big difference just by talking
An international study of young people's well-being shows the importance of parental involvement

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