PGCE Courses

A PGCE course is a supplement for those who already have a degree, that focuses on developing your teaching skills. The teaching skills you learn are not based on the subject you intend teach but on general teaching skills, so you are expected to already have a thorough understanding of your subject through your degree.

Primary courses generally train a student to teach all subjects in the Primary School Curriculum, whilst secondary courses train you teach your chosen subject to the 11 - 16 year range.

A PGCE course normally takes 1 year full time or up to two years part-time and are designed for graduates wanting to obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for teaching in the maintained sector in England and Wales.
To gain QTS you will need to successfully complete skills tests in numeracy, literacy and information and communications technology.
You can read further details about the qts skills tests:

After obtaining QTS you will need to complete a one year induction period to teach in England and Wales.

PGCE Courses in your Area

There are many Universities throughout the UK providing PGCE courses.
There is an excellent tool available at the Graduate Teacher Training Registry here:

PGCE Funding

Updated for 2011/2012

Bursaries are still available for trainees starting Inititial Teacher Training for 2011/12.
Funding criteria has changed and is now based on the subject you choose to teach.
The 'Golden Hello' for teachers finding work after completing their training has now been abolished. (It will still be honoured for those eligible before the cuts took place)

Subject Amount




Combined/general science
Modern foreign languages

For further details about becoming a Teacher in the UK please see the Graduate Teacher Training Registry

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