QTS Literacy Skills Test

The Literacy test lasts 45 minutes and is in four sections:

This section will test your ability to correctly spell the words that are commonly used in written English. (headphones will be needed)

This section will test your ability to use common forms of punctuation and apply them to the texts provided.

This section will test your ability to identify text that does not conform to good grammatical practice. You will be expected to distinguish between text that makes sense and clearly conveys its intended meaning and text that does not.

This section will test your ability to identify the main points in a text, distinguish between facts and opinions, retrieve facts and key points, make inferences and deductions, and present information in a different way from the original text.

Literacy Test Marking

Marks ranges from 41 to 49 in the Literacy Test. Each section carries the following points:

  • Spelling - 10
  • Punctuation - 15
  • Grammar - 8-12
  • Comprehension - 8-12

Literacy Practice Tests

These links have been updated to reflect the government's recent changes to the Training and Development Agency website, and its amalgamation to the education.gov.uk website. (April 2012)

Literacy Interactive Tests (New Online Test!) -
http://www.education.gov.uk/QTS/literacy/assessment_engine.html new
Literacy Practice Paper 2 -
Literacy Practice Paper 3 -

The above links are direct links to information provided by The Department of Education www.education.gov.uk/schools
The practice tests are new interactive pages. The non-interactive links will open a PDF document.

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