QTS Skills Tests

The QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) skills tests, need to be taken and passed by anyone on an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course, before they can be awarded a QTS.

The tests are designed to ensure basic skills are achieved to fulfil your wider professional role in a school

Note: You cannot be recommended for QTS until all relevant skills tests have been passed and the other QTS standards met.

QTS Skills Tests Subjects

QTS Test

Who has to pass the Skills Test?

In England all trainee teachers on an ITT programme must pass the QTS Skills Tests, as well as meeting other standards, before being awarded a QTS. This means you cannot teach in a maintained school or non-maintained special school as a qualified teacher until passing these tests.

When can I take the Skills Tests?

From July 2013 you must pass your QTS skills tests before you can begin your ITT course. You are advised to book for the tests as soon as possible after applying for your ITT.

Taking the Skills Test - QTS Test Centres

To take the Skills tests you will need to register online. There are currently two registration systems, please ensure youchoose the correct one:

Existing Applicants If you are already enrolled on a course you will need your TRN. Enrolled Applicants (with a TRN) - Register Online

New applicants will not need a reference number, but you will need to provide proof of your ITT application at the test centre. New Applicants - Register Online

The QTS tests are run by Pearson Professional Centres who have 150 centres throughout the UK

You can take the test two times per subject, resits will be charged for at the test centre (currently around 20 per test). If you fail both attempts at either subject you will not be able to resit for either test for 24 months.

QTS What to Learn?

Further reading about the tests can be found below:

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