What is Qualified Teacher Status?

QTS is the qualification that allows you to teach in state schools in England and Wales, and ensures that all teachers have met the same standards and posses the relevant skills and knowledge to provide an equal teaching platform for all children throughout England and Wales.

To obtain QTS you must complete ITT (Initial Teacher Training), preparing you for QTS. There are a number of ways to complete ITT depending on your status and level of education.
For experienced teachers that may have been working in the independent sector, you may be able to complete an Assessment Only option to gain your QTS.

Standards for QTS

QTS standards are split into three main categories:

  • Professional Values and Practice
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Teaching

Professional values and practice

Outline the attitudes and commitment expected of anyone qualifying to be a teacher - eg treating pupils and students consistently; communicating sensitively and effectively with parents and carers.

Knowledge and understanding

Require newly qualified teachers to be confident and authoritative in the subjects they teach, and to have a clear understanding of how all pupils should progress and what teachers should expect them to achieve.


Relate to the skills involved in actually delivering lessons - eg planning, monitoring, assessment and class management. They are underpinned by the values and knowledge covered in the first two sections.

Skills Test for QTS

There are 2 computerised QTS Skills Tests that also need to be taken in England to achieve QTS:

  • Literacy Test - The test requires you to show that you can spell correctly, punctuate in a professional and consistent way, understand and analyse various texts, and recognise when writing does not conform to standard English, and styles.
  • Numeracy Test - The test ensures that you have a good understanding of the use of numeracy in the context of your professional role as a teacher.

For more information about the QTS skills tests visit the Education.gov.uk website.

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